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It has been almost a month since Sound Through Barriers’ 2012 exhibition was wrapped up and de-installed. The project was a monumental success, hundreds of visitors attended both the exhibition at Art Lab Fort Collins and the two performances by Jeph Jerman and Cheryl E. Leonard.

In the intervening month I’ve been hard at work archiving the sights & sounds from the project, with photos we took and those that people have kindly sent us (if you have any photos of your visit, please send them my way!) and with several hours worth of sound recordings.

I’ve updated the site with this material, to serve both as an aid to memory for those who visited, and as a resource for people interested in the use of sound in art.

There are a few key areas on the website I’d like to point out:

1.) The Virtual Gallery is where you’ll find information about each piece included in the exhibition, including photos with audience and without, links to the artist’s websites and sound recordings of the pieces within the context of the gallery space (interacting with the other sounding works).

2.) The Performances page is where photos & sound / video recordings of the performances by visiting artists are housed. Right now you can find two files containing recordings of both of Jeph Jerman’s performances in their entirety, along with video documentation of one of them. There are also sound files of one of the question and answer sessions and the introductory remarks.

3.) The Curator’s Note is a manifesto-like statement declaring some of my views about sound and listening that led to the particular thrust of this project.

The Exhibition nears…

Just under a week until Sound Through Barriers opens!

There are several new items at the website including exhibition hours, an informative section titled “What is Sound Art?” and the curator’s note which is kind of a manifesto on intense listening.

I hope you can check it all out!

Press Release

Sound Through Barriers Exhibition Coming to Art Lab Fort Collins< - FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Front Range Community College student Chris Reider will curate “Sound Through Barriers: Listening in Continuous Space” at Art Lab, an experimental art gallery space in Old Town Fort Collins. The contemporary sound art exhibit will run April 20-29, featuring 13 works of contemporary sound art by 15 international artists. - For Reider, the show is an independent study project for his Museum Studies course, taught by Jennie Kiessling, instructor in the Arts & Letters Department at FRCC Larimer Campus. Sound through Barriers will also feature two performances, both free and open to the public. Sound artists Jeph Jerman and Cheryl Leonard will perform April 23 at 7:30 p.m. at FRCC’s Larimer Campus, room RP140, and April 24 at 7:00 at the Community Studio at the Fort Collins Museum of Art. The artists use “found” objects to produce a variety of sounds. - For more information about Sound Through Barriers, visit or


Sound Through Barriers now has Facebook event pages for the exhibition and for the two performances.


April 23 Performance with Jeph Jerman and Cheryl Leonard:!/events/205800489528390/

April 24 Performance with Jeph Jerman and Cheryl Leonard:!/events/357111124325405/

We’ve got only a couple of weeks left until the exhibition opens, I hope to see you there!


There are now posters for the Sound Through Barriers exhibition & performances! Do you live in Colorado or Southern Wyoming? Can you help by printing a few of these out and putting them in hang-out places like coffee shops, bookstores, libraries, universities, record stores, music shops, where ever?

Get the posters at this link:

Visting Artists Announcement

I’m pleased to announce that, accompanying the Sound Through Barriers exhibition of sound art, we have invited two acclaimed sound artists / musicians to give two performances in Fort Collins.

Jeph Jerman has a history in improvised experimental music stretching back over thirty-five years, having worked in such notable bands as Big Joey, Blowhole and his solo project Hands To. His practice is primarily about “what happens when we listen”, and his work towards this end frequently involves improvisations with found objects and installations of self-playing “systems” which could perhaps be described as sound sculpture or automatons. In his performances, he attempts to remove or lessen his control over his own actions, focussing attention on listening. (photo by R. Yau, used by permission)

Cheryl Leonard is a composer, performer and instrument builder whose works investigate sounds, structures, and objects from the natural world. Leonard is fascinated by “subtle textures and intricacies in sounds not generally considered musical,” and her experimental music reveals and features these unique voices. Her instruments recall the work of Harry Partch in the visual beauty of their form, reminding us that an instrument is a hybrid of sculpture and tool. (Photo by Douglas Quin, used by permission)

There will be two performances by both artists, each followed by a question and answer session.

Monday, April 23, 2012
Front Range Community College, Room RP140
7:30-9:30 PM

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Fort Collins Museum of Art, lower level
7-9 PM

The visiting artists page at Sound Through Barriers’ website will soon be updated with more information on the venue locations.

Need help planning your trip to Fort Collins for the exhibition / performance (as well as other sound events happening in the area at the same time such as Communikey and Denver Noise Fest)? Please check out the page set up at the Sound Through Barriers website to help you with this. The “plan your trip” page contains directions to the exhibition space as well as pointers for finding lodging in the nearby area.


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